Summary of Articles Posted on Asiana Flight 214 Crash

Here’s a summation of articles posted about the Asiana Flight 214 crash as of Monday, July 8, 2013.

Regarding the pilot and aircraft:

1.            The pilot of the jet was in 777 training – had only 43 hours in the aircraft, some of it may have been in a simulator. and

2.            CNN posts video of the crash at the time of impact.

3.            Boeing 777 one of the safest airplanes around, according to industry analysts.

Regarding the cause of the crash:

1.            NTSB has started a full “go team” to investigate.

2.            Initial indication show that it was pilot error that caused the crash, the jet was on the verge of stalling before hitting sea wall and tried to abort the landing. , and

Regarding aviation safety:

1.            “Glide Path,” an airport landing system had been turned off when plane crashed – although normally used only in bad weather.

2.            NTSB recommended changes to the “go around” procedure at large commercial airports just last week.

3.            Improvements to aviation safety a big part of the reason that so many survived.

Regarding aviation safety policy:

1.            Note that pilot safety rules are up for discussion in the House and are on the White House’s Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Actions.

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