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The Taber Law Group was founded on the premise that clients should be able to find proven, top-quality outside counsel in a more cost-effective setting. We provide the same high quality environmental, aviation and airport development legal services as larger firms at lower and more flexible rates, with more personal service, and with fewer conflicts of interest.

Although Taber Law Group is new, Owner & Founder, Steven M. Taber, has practiced environmental, aviation and airport development law for over 23 years, including at a large law firm, at the Federal Aviation Administration, and at the Illinois Attorney General’s office. With firm hourly rates significantly over the $300 per hour mark, it has become increasingly difficult or impossible for clients to obtain cost-efficient legal representation. At the same time, environmental liability, and risks and liability associated with running an airport have increased exponentially. On July 1, 2010, Steven M. Taber founded Taber Law Group to provide cost-efficient, top-quality service to environmental, aviation and airport clients.

Former Assistant Regional Counsel with the Federal Aviation Administration, former environmental law partner at a large Chicago law firm, and now Owner and Founder of the Taber Law Group, Steven M. Taber represents clients in Federal and State Court, in administrative actions, and in transactions related to environmental, aviation and airport development law matters.

Steven M. Taber has experience both in environmental law and in aviation & airport law.  In his capacity as FAA Assistant Regional Counsel, Mr. Taber was involved with the implementation of the Chicago/O’Hare International Airport Modernization Program, and drafting FAA Environmental Orders 1050.1E and 5050.4B, among other things.  Since his return to private practice, Mr. Taber has advised clients in matters arising under the National Environmental Policy Act, the Federal Clean Air Act, Airport Noise and Capacity Act, Aviation Safety and Noise Abatement Act, Historic Preservation Act, Endangered Species Act, and Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act.

Mr. Taber also has extensive experience in all aspects of environmental law including Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (Superfund) (“CERCLA”) litigation, negotiation of Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Consent Decrees, Title V Air Permits, and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits.  For example, in a CERCLA cost recovery action, he successfully argued that “passive” disposal does not constitute disposal under CERCLA and that a corporation is not responsible for disposals of a predecessor sole proprietorship. This resulted in a favorable settlement to the client.  U.S. v. Petersen Sand and Gravel, Inc., 806 F.Supp. 1346 (N.D. Ill., 1992).

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2 Responses to Taber Law Group

  1. Mark Simons says:

    Steven Taber, The Kentland airstrip is a textbook boondoggle, it costs lots of money and benefits a very few. Of the $1,028,000 AIP “free money” $307,000 will have gone to NGC Aviation consultants, in Indy, if the last grant #3-18-0025-05 , for $323,000 ($ to NGC for professional services!) to bury 1220 ft of powerline is not stopped.
    The FAA traffic count of 26 a day ’09, 20 a day ’08, 15 a day ’07 is totally bogus. The actual traffic count is about 1 a day, proveable by flight service center data, local aircraft logbooks, and FBO reports. The AIP grant literature states that the expenditures on the runway must be justified by the traffic on it. How are these grants justified based on the real numbers? Mark Simons 219 863 3274

  2. Good for you! Steven Taber.

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