Federal Register Proposed Rules, Rules and Notices June 12,2013

June 12,2013


Petition for Exemption; Summary of Petition Received [FR DOC# 2013-13898] SUMMARY: This notice contains a summary of a petition seeking relief from specified requirements of 14 CFR. The purpose of this notice is to improve the public’s awareness of, and participation in, this aspect of FAA’s regulatory activities. Neither publication of this notice nor the inclusion or omission of information in the summary is intended to affect the legal status of the petition or its final disposition.



Airworthiness Directives; Piper Aircraft, Inc. Airplanes [FR DOC# 2013-13666] SUMMARY: We are superseding an existing airworthiness directive (AD) for all Piper Aircraft, Inc. Models PA-31, PA-31-325, and PA-31-350 airplanes. That AD currently requires a detailed repetitive inspection of the exhaust system downstream of the turbochargers and repair or replacement of parts as necessary. This new AD requires visual repetitive inspections, expanding the inspection scope to include the entirety of each airplane exhaust system. This AD was prompted by reports of exhaust system failures upstream of aircraft turbochargers and between recurring detailed inspections. We are issuing this AD to correct the unsafe condition on these products.

Special Conditions: Eurocopter France, EC175B; Use of 30-Minute Power Rating [FR DOC# 2013-13800] SUMMARY: These special conditions are issued for the Eurocopter France Model EC175B helicopter. This model helicopter will have the novel or unusual design feature of a 30-minute power rating, generally intended to be used for hovering at increased power for search and rescue missions. The applicable airworthiness regulations do not contain adequate or appropriate safety standards for this design feature. These special conditions contain the additional safety standards that the Administrator considers necessary to establish a level of safety equivalent to that established by the existing airworthiness standards.



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