Federal Register Proposed Rules, Rules and Notices for July 19,2013

July 19,2013


Technical Operations Safety Action Program (T-SAP) and Air Traffic Safety
Action Program (ATSAP) [FR DOC# 2013-17401] SUMMARY: The FAA is proposing
that safety information provided to it under the T-SAP, established in
Notice JO 7210.807 which will be incorporated in FAA Order JO 7200.20,
Voluntary Safety Reporting Programs, and ATSAP, covered by FAA Order JO
7200.20, be designated by an FAA Order as protected from public disclosure
in accordance with the provisions of 14 CFR part 193, Protection of
Voluntarily Submitted Information. The designation is intended to encourage
persons to voluntarily provide information to the FAA under the T-SAP and
ATSAP, so the FAA can learn about and address aviation safety hazards of
which it was unaware or more fully understand and implement corrective
measures for events or safety issues known by it through other means. Under
49 U.S.C. 40123, Protection of Voluntarily Submitted Information, the FAA is
required to protect information from disclosure to the public, including
disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (5 U.S.C. 552) or other
laws, following the issuance of such Order.


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