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FAA Suspends Auction of Flight Slot at Newark Airport

It is being reported by several news outlets that the FAA has suspended its auction of flight slots at Newark Airport.  The auction was slated for September 3, 2008.  According to Bloomberg News the Order, issued by FAA Chief Counsel, … Continue reading

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GAO Issues Report On The FAA’s East Coast Airspace Redesign

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued its long awaited “FAA Airspace Redesign:  An Analysis of the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania Project.”  Although the GAO promised to publish the report by August 1, 2008, it waited until the same day the … Continue reading

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GAO Testifies That The FAA’s Congestion Management Program Will Have Limited Effect on Reducing Delays

During July, the Government Accounting Office issued several reports regarding various aviation topics.  One of the topics not covered was the East Coast Airspace Redesign, which was supposed to be issued at the end of July, but now probably will … Continue reading

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FAA’s Presumed to Conform Rule Will Affect Communities Around Airports

In February, 2007, almost as an after-thought, theFAA included changes to air traffic control procedures to its Presumed to Conform rule. This last minute addition has the potential to seriously impact communities around the airports where these changes to air traffic … Continue reading

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