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Airports And FAA Still Ignore Surrounding Communities’ Concern About Exposure to Hazardous Air Pollutants

The Air Quality Study at and around Los Angeles International Airport recently began its final phase.  Since the LAX Air Quality Study began back in 1999, there has been growing concern about the role of air toxics or hazardous air … Continue reading

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D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Decides Against Challenge to East Coast Airspace Redesign

In a per curiam Abbreviated Disposition that will not be published, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit summarily denied 12 separately-filed petitions for review that questioned the legality of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Environmental Impact … Continue reading


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Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the “Capacity Enhancement Project” at Philadelphia International Airport is Published

The FAA recently published the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for its “Capacity Enhancement Project” (CEP) (warning! this is a large file, the DEIS is broken up into Chapters at the end of this post) at the Philadelphia International Airport … Continue reading

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FAA’s Presumed to Conform Rule Will Affect Communities Around Airports

In February, 2007, almost as an after-thought, theFAA included changes to air traffic control procedures to its Presumed to Conform rule. This last minute addition has the potential to seriously impact communities around the airports where these changes to air traffic … Continue reading

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