AMR/US Airways Antitrust Lawsuit Continues To Dominate Aviation Headlines

Top stories in Aviation and Airport News for August 15, 2013.

AMR/US Airways Antitrust Suit Continues to be Aviation’s Top Story

Everybody has an opinion as to what happened and why the DOJ filed its antitrust lawsuit and what it means for American’s coming out of bankruptcy.  Here are some of the top stories from analysts:  Bloomberg, L.A. Times Editorial Dallas News Editorial .  Here’s an article about how frisky American’s lawyers are: .  Finally, an article about the lawsuit’s effect on investing in airlines,

Data Recorders Recovered in AL UPS Crash

Running a close second to the antitrust news is the UPS Crash in Birmingham, AL. Investigators into the crash of the UPS Airbus A300 near Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport on Tuesday, August 13, 2013, were able to recover the data recorders and have sent them back to D.C. for analysis. It is hoped that the devices would explain why the pilots did not send out a distress call prior to crashing.  Although the aircraft had had 12 “service difficulty” reports prior to the crash, none appear to be under investigation as the cause.  Investigators are looking at the jet engine blades to determine if the engines were not running at the time of the crash.

Dreamliner Hit With Another Setback

ANA, Japan’s second airline, said that it had discovered a wiring defect in the fire-suppression system on 3 of the airline’s 787 Dreamliners.  Japan Airlines, recalled a 787 back to Tokyo as a precaution.  This is just the latest in the 787’s woes, from battery problems, to wiring in the emergency radio transmitter have plagued the 787.  Still, the plane’s manufacturer, Boeing, is claiming they are just working out the kinks of any new aircraft – especially one like the 787, which was groundbreaking from a technical standpoint.

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