FAA Proposes Civil Penalties Against Pinnacle Airlines and Trans States Airlines Totaling $908,000

On Monday, January 7, 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration stated that it has proposed to seek $908,000 in civil penalties against Memphis, Tennessee’s Pinnacle Airlines and Bridgeton, Missouri’s Trans States Airlines.

The FAA said that it would seek $633,000 in civil penalties from Trans States Airlines, Inc. of Bridgeton, Missouri, for violations for allegedly operating two Embraer 145 regional jets on 3,660 passenger flights while the planes did not comply with Federal Aviation Regulations.  The case involves two separate instances of failure to properly install equipment in the aircraft.  In the first matter, the airline is alleged to have improperly installed replacement radio altimeter antenna cables in two airplanes, leaving them unsecured and vulnerable to chafing.  The FAA proposed a civil penalty of $322,000 for that violation.  In the second matter, the FAA has accused the airline of  improperly installing electrical wiring in the fuel supply system on one of the aircraft by splicing the electrical wiring too close to the fuel tank.  The airline then used the aircraft on 3, 392 commercial operations.  FAA is proposing a fine of $311,000 for this violation.

The FAA also said that it would seek $275,000 in civil penalties from Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. of Memphis Tennessee for allegedly operating a Bombardier CRJ on 11 flights when the aircraft did not in comply with Federal Aviation Regulations.  The FAA claims that Pinnacle used the aircraft on 11 flights after mechanics failed to install a required part while overhauling the aircraft’s right engine.  Because Pinnacle is Bankruptcy, the FAA is submitting this proposal as part of its proof of claim in Bankruptcy Court.

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