FAA Administrator Babbitt Issues Statement Regarding Aviation Biofuel Standards

On June 10, 2011, FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt had the following to say about ASTM technical committee approval of an aviation biofuel standard:

This is a significant step toward a new era of greener and more energy-independent air travel. We anticipate publication of a standard in the next few weeks will open the door for production of commercial aviation bio-fuels that can be used without changing aircraft systems or airport fueling infrastructure.  The FAA, along with the Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Initiative, worked diligently to develop the fuel standard through thorough research and testing. This is a key milestone in helping us meet the Obama Administration’s environment and energy goals for the nation and it is directly responsive to the recommendation of the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee to promote and display U.S. aviation as a first user of sustainable alternative fuels.

Let’s hope that the publication of the standard meets the hype. For more information about the trials that are due begin check this article out:  Airlines Get OK to Run on Biofuels, Major Commitment Underway.  The site Sustainable Business states that:

Technical standards group ASTM International gave the airlines the go-ahead to incorporate biofuels into as much as 50% of the total fuel they use on passenger flights. The biofuels can be made from organic waste or non-food materials, such as algae or wood chips. Final approval is expected July 1 at the earliest.

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